Castleford WR Ladies Senior Sizes

Castleford WR Ladies Senior Sizes

Sizes Medium to 4XL (VAT added through payment process)

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Cas WR Ladies Titan Shirt Senior 

£17.00 *

Cas WR Ladies Thames Pant Senior 

£20.00 *

Cas WR Ladies Mesa Short Senior

£6.00 *

Cas WR Ladies Rayon Sock Senior

£4.00 *

Cas WR Ladies Tarim Training Top Senior

£18.00 *

Cas WR Ladies Kemi Showerproof Jacket Junior

£30.00 *

CWRL Titan Shirt/Thames Pants/Mesa Short/Rayon Socks/Tarim Training Top in a bundle.

Please sate foot sizes and players initials in the notes section at the end of the ordering/payment process.

£65.00 *
* Prices without VAT or delivery